Things to Grow ON

Welcome to Things To Grow On day care

Things To Grow On Day Care CenterOur mission at Things To Grow On Preschool is to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children, ages birth through 12 years.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for children to learn through doing, self-expression and self- discipline.

At the same time, we help parents help their children become caring skillful individuals and contributing members of the community.

Above all, we recognize that each child is an individual with particular needs, interest and talents.

PuzzleWe at Things To Grow On believe that discipline is not punishment nor is it something you do to someone. Discipline comes from the word: “Disciple” – someone who learns from someone else.

Discipline provides an opportunity to assist the child in developing socially acceptable ways to express needs and emotions. This is done through compassion, caring, sensitivity, and most of all helping the child to understand that mistakes are a natural part of growing up and not a sign of being a worthless person. In this way the child is helped to view and value him/herself as a human being.

Affirmation is the key to good discipline. What we do and say to children helps them develop and internalize self-control, self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Praise makes children feel good about themselves, and it tells them that others have recognized their appropriate behavior and hard work. Words and actions of praise, encouragement, and affirmation are abundant in our interactions with children.

The foundation of discipline is TRUST. The development of basic trust must begin during the early childhood years. This is accomplished by the Things To Grow On staff through consistency in actions and responses; maintaining a calm and reassuring tone of voice and manner (body language); providing body and eye contact – being close enough to touch and hold. It also means showing respect for the child’s choices or decisions; providing a physical and emotional climate that offers safety founded on a knowledge and understanding of the individual child and child development, and lastly, setting appropriate limits.

We adhere to the belief that teachers can bests guide children when they themselves provide positive role models. Children are constantly observing us. They know what our feelings are, as well as what our intentions are. They learn a great deal about how human beings behave from the way we behave towards them, towards ourselves, towards other people.

ChildrenWe, at Things To Grow On Preschool think of ourselves as educators with the objective to provide your child a friendly, secure and active environment enhancing the development of their physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs.

We, at Things To Grow On Preschool strive to create an environment that will promote your child’s development as a future leader in the community..